Monday, July 7, 2014

Trance Sessions

This July 17... Get tune in to for the best in Trance Music with Rik Tights and myself Dj RaySim as Guest Mix...

"Sessions" was originally nothing more than a monthly demo mix I used to like producing where i was not hampered by time scales, Genre or records labels... for these reasons it went on to become probably my lost listened too mixes (its what all the stats says...)

So the only real difference is that now instead of them straight to my website or sold.... they will be exclusively played on Kozmik.FM...


Dj RaySim

Uplifting Trance Producer from Brunei Darussalam who has his tracks signed to Trance4Live Records, Redux Recordings, Trance All-Stars Records, Andromeda Records, Antraxx Records...


Rik Tights aka Dj RT

Host of  SESSIONS.. Dj and Producer from United Kingdom and a producer signed to Trance4Live Records.

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