Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dj RaySim Pres. A Journey Into Trance Episodes 7 (12-5-13)

Hi all... here another episodes of my A Journey Into Trance which i did for Global EDM Radio on the 12th May 2013... Enjoy..


FREE DOWNLOAD: - http://www.mediafire.com/download/znwo2uy5ss4rp05/Dj_RaySim_-_A_Journey_Into_Trance_Episodes_7_(12-5-13).mp3

Tracklists: -

  1. Ronny K - Unstoppable (Intro Mix)
  2. David Gazel - I Will Get It (Astuni Remix)
  3. Gheorghe Zamfir - Lonely Sheperd (Cymatics Remix)
  4. Quentin van der Molen - Windmills (Dj RaySim Emotional Mix)
  5. Fast Distance - Envol (Juventa Remix)
  6. PM Brothers - Coming Home (tranzLift Emotional Remix)
  7. New World - One (Original Mix)
  8. Ronny K. Pres Advanced - Atlantis (Elias B's Alternate Bangin' Rmx)

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